Two Changes Coming Soon for TWIA Policyholders and Agents

This article was updated on December 18, 2019

Two important changes to how we provide insurance are coming in January 2020:

  1. New TWIA policy contracts 
  2. New TWIA renewal process 

Recent legislation changed the part of the Texas Insurance Code that governs TWIA. Check out our Changes at TWIA webpage for more information and the status of these, and other, legislative changes.

More about the new policy contracts
In early December, TWIA policyholders (both residential and commercial) with upcoming renewals received this mailed letter announcing the new policy contract that will go into effect in January 2020. Beginning in mid-December, they will also receive a postcard introducing them to the new renewal process and reminding them of the new policy contract.

Click here to learn more about what we are mailing policyholders.

What is the new policy renewal process?
The new process includes sending renewal offers directly to policyholders and mortgage companies via US mail and accepting payment directly from them.


When will this new renewal process begin?
The first renewal offers will be sent beginning in January 2020 for policies effective March 1, 2020.

What is in the policy renewal mailing that policyholders will receive?
The policy renewal packet will contain:

The same renewal offer and payment coupon will be mailed to the mortgage company of record, if applicable.

What will agents receive from us?
Through Policy Center, the renewal offer and payment coupon as a document. Through Agent Bulletins, the informational communications we mail to policyholders.


  • Renewal applications will no longer be required. The renewal offer will provide the policyholder and agent the ability to confirm coverage details and make any necessary changes as they normally would.
  • While the policyholder can still work with and submit payment through their agent, they will now have the ability to mail a payment directly to TWIA.
  • All mortgage companies will now receive a payment coupon, and if escrowed they can pay TWIA directly.
  • Any policies that require premium financing must still be handled by the agent (as they are today).

We are hosting agent webinars on the new renewals process and encourage you to attend one. However, if you are unable, a recorded version is available in the TWIA Agent Training Center.

Are new TWIA policy and renewal submissions still on hold?
To ensure all TWIA policies issued for 2020 reflect the policy condition changes, all renewal and new business applications submitted this October and November for residential and commercial policies effective January 1, 2020 or later were temporarily held in TWIA’s underwriting review stage while we updated our systems.

We are pleased to report that our system updates were recently completed, allowing us to remove the hold on new business and renewal submissions as of December 6, 2019. Policy submission and renewal processing will resume as usual. Agents and policyholders will soon see activity on these items previously submitted.