New Webpage Explains Changes at TWIA

We are committed to keeping agents and their clients informed of recent legislation that changes how TWIA provides wind and hail insurance on the Texas coast. That is why we have published a plain-language guide to the subject at

What is on the webpage?
Changes at TWIA summarizes major changes that affect policy premium payment options, the windstorm certification program, how funding sources are used, the TWIA Board of Directors, and more.

Users can navigate the page using tables at the top which provide summaries and links to additional information further down the page, such as:

  • Due dates
  • How each change may affect policyholders
  • Any TWIA communications about the changes (e.g. agent bulletins)
  • Links to the official statutes
  • Links to learn more about affected TWIA operations

Where can I find the webpage?
It is featured on the TWIA homepage – look for the light blue rectangle beside the Find an Agent rectangle. You can also find it on the agent Training and Resources page under General Information.

The direct URL to bookmark is

Still have questions?
We hope this page becomes a valuable resource to help you learn about and share the major changes impacting TWIA. If you have any questions that it does not answer, Agent Services is available to help at (800) 788-8247 or