Food Spoilage and our Mobile Claims Centers

We are receiving many questions and requests regarding food spoilage payments. Please see the below common questions on this topic and their answers.

Can TWIA policyholders come to a Mobile Claims Center (MCC) for a food spoilage payment?
Yes, although not all policyholders qualify. The MCCs are issuing payments for food spoilage and additional living expense (ALE) depending on the endorsements on specific policies and the damage to the home. We review policy information for each claimant and handle each claim on its own merits.

Is food spoilage a separate claim?
No -- Some policyholders are under the mistaken impression that food spoilage is a separate claim from their structural claim. The same TWIA adjuster can handle all of these determinations. The policyholder does not need to visit our MCC to receive this payment if they qualify.

Can individuals without a TWIA policy get a food spoilage payment?
Not from TWIA -- TWIA is only able to process claims for TWIA policyholders, including food spoilage payments.

Can policyholders with depopulated policies receive a payment?

Not from TWIA -- We are finding some individuals visiting our MCC had policies assumed on 6/1/2017 as part of TWIA's depopulation program. We are unable to process claims on policies that were assumed by other carriers. Policyholders can check their new carrier's claim information here.