When does TWIA stop writing coverage?

The 2020 hurricane season has begun and already there is a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico.

Though Tropical Storm Cristobal may not pose an immediate threat to the Texas coast, we want to remind agents and policyholders about an exception to TWIA’s application process for new business and increased coverage requests. This exception is required by law.


When TWIA Stops Underwriting New Business and Increased Coverage Requests


  1. A storm is designated as a hurricane by the NOAA National Weather Service or NOAA National Hurricane Center, AND
  2. Within the Gulf of Mexico or the boundaries of 80 degrees west longitude and 20 degrees north latitude

Then: TWIA stops accepting applications for new business or requests for increased coverage.


This moratorium remains in effect until the TWIA General Manager determines that the storm no longer poses a threat to the TWIA coverage area.

Please visit the TWIA Hurricane Binding Procedures webpage to learn more about this underwriting exception and refer to this chart to determine how coverage effective dates are impacted by a moratorium.