What if My Claim Payment Isn’t Enough?

What if My Claim Payment Isn't Enough? graphic
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When you receive a claim payment check from TWIA, this does not necessarily mean your claim is done. If your check isn’t enough to pay for covered repairs, submit any new or additional contractor estimates and documentation to TWIA for review. You may be eligible for supplemental payments. Do not wait to cash your first check – any additional payment amount will come in the form of a new check.

If you want to dispute your claim payment amount, please first contact TWIA so we may attempt to address any unmet needs. If you and TWIA are unable to resolve the issue, your Claims Notice letter outlines options to dispute claims, including a process called "appraisal." Under normal circumstances, policyholders have 60 days from the date they receive their Claims Notice letter to request appraisal. However, for claims arising from Hurricane Harvey, the deadline is extended to 180 days. (Note: Some commercial policies have a 150-day deadline. For more details, please refer to twia.org/extensionorder.)