Hurricane Season is Here

2017 Ready for Hurricane Season

Every year on the first day of hurricane season, June 1, TWIA reports its funding that is available to pay claims should a catastrophic weather event occur. For the 2017 season, TWIA has once again secured $4.9 billion in total funding. This includes a contribution of $147 million to the Catastrophe Reserve Trust Fund (CRTF) as a result of 2016 operations, bringing the CRTF balance to almost $740 million – the highest in the Association’s history.

In addition to reporting on our hurricane season funding, each year TWIA helps its policyholders and coastal communities get ready for hurricane season by sharing preparedness information online, to coastal elementary schools, and through preparedness advertising.

Coastal citizens are encouraged to prepare by:

  • Reviewing home insurance coverage, ensuring both windstorm and flood coverage are secured
  • Taking an inventory of property every year. Consider recording a video “tour” of important belongings. Keep all property records in a safe location away from the home.
  • Creating an emergency plan that includes evacuation routes and important contact information
  • Building an emergency supplies kit that covers family and pets
  • Preparing the home to prevent damage (ex: trim trees, install roof straps, reinforce garage doors)
  • Ensuring existing or ongoing qualifying home improvements have a Certificate of Compliance (WPI-8 / WPI-8-C) to maintain TWIA coverage eligibility
  • Visiting for additional preparedness tips

The TWIA Storm Center provides information on how to prepare for hurricanes and severe weather, how to maintain eligibility for TWIA insurance coverage, and how to recover after a storm. Topics cover coastal building codes, home improvements that can reduce property damage from a storm, how to file a claim with TWIA, and steps to prioritize personal safety after a storm.

TWIA’s Hurricane Preparedness campaign also focuses on educating elementary school children who live in coastal communities. TWIA first distributed its educational materials to schools in 1993. This year, TWIA distributed 2,700 teaching packets to 300 elementary schools on the Texas Gulf Coast.