Deadline Extended to 120 Days to File a Request for an Appraisal

UPDATE: On April 18, 2018, the deadline for TWIA policyholders to request appraisal on their Harvey claim was extended. The new deadline is 180 days from the day a policyholder received their most recent Notice of Claim Acceptance (in full or in part) letter.

Note: Some commercial policies have a 150-day deadline. For more details, please refer to

As of November 15, TWIA has received 72,902 claims related to Hurricane Harvey. If you are an affected policyholder, you may have or will soon receive a Claim Disposition letter from TWIA outlining the amount we will pay for losses covered by your policy.

You may want to dispute your claim payment amount. If such is the case, please first contact TWIA so we may attempt to: address any unmet needs, provide a timely resolution, and prevent you from incurring any out-of-pocket or additional costs associated with a formal claim dispute process.

If you and TWIA are unable to resolve the issue, the Claim Disposition letter outlines options to dispute claims, including a process called "appraisal." Please note that the appraisal process is used to resolve only the part of a claim accepted or covered by TWIA, rather than disputing if any or all of a loss is covered.

Under normal circumstances, policyholders have 60 days from the date they receive their Claim Disposition letter to request appraisal. However, for claims arising from Hurricane Harvey, TWIA recommended more time be granted to policyholders and TDI has extended the deadline to 120 days.

If you do not meet the deadline to request appraisal, you waive the right to dispute the amount TWIA has agreed to pay for your loss. Insurance Code §2210.574(c) allows a policyholder to request an additional 30 days to demand appraisal - this request must be submitted to TWIA no later than 15 days after the deadline.

You may learn more about the appraisal process on our Claims Center webpage.