Top 5 Questions About Approaching Harvey Claim Deadline

The anniversary of the date Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas coast is quickly approaching on August 25, 2018. Texas law requires TWIA policyholders to report claims for windstorm damage within one year of the date the property was damaged.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the one-year deadline.

I already filed a claim with TWIA for Hurricane Harvey. Do I need to do anything else?
Maybe. If you found additional damage that has not been addressed by TWIA, contact your claims examiner to tell them about the damage. We want to ensure your damage is reported timely.

How do I know what damage TWIA has already addressed?
If you are not sure, please contact your TWIA claims examiner. You can also review the estimate of damages and any acceptance or denial letters you received from TWIA for your Hurricane Harvey claim. If you believe any windstorm damage to your property is not included in these documents, we encourage you to contact TWIA, preferably within the one-year deadline.

TWIA agreed my roof is damaged, but I didn’t receive enough money to make repairs. Do I need to request more money before the one-year deadline?
If TWIA has already agreed to repair or replace an item damaged by wind and issued a check for the damage, you have 180 days to tell TWIA if you disagree with the amount paid. The 180 days starts when you receive the letter from TWIA accepting the damage.

How can I ensure I have reported all of my windstorm damage for Hurricane Harvey?
The best way to ensure your claim for damage is timely reported is to contact your TWIA claims examiner. Your TWIA claims examiner can tell you the appropriate steps to take for your claim.

I am a condominium unit owner, and I am waiting for my condominium association to resolve their claim before I can move forward with repairs. What should I do?
We understand the claim and repair process for condominiums can be uniquely complicated. If you are a condominium unit owner with a TWIA policy, we have mailed information to you and/or contacted you with instructions to help address your unique situation. If you have not received a letter or call, please contact your TWIA claims examiner immediately.

We want to work with you!
TWIA wants to work with our policyholders to address their covered Hurricane Harvey damage. If a policyholder thinks they might have damage that has not been addressed by TWIA, we encourage them to contact us, even if the one-year claim deadline has passed. This can be done by:

  • Contacting their current TWIA claims examiner, or
  • Reporting the information along with their claim number to TWIA’s claim-reporting service (800-788-8247) or to