TWIA Board to Discuss Officer Nominations

The Board of Directors of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association will meet by teleconference on October 29 at 10:00 a.m. to deliberate and take possible action to fill or begin the process to fill the vacant Vice Chair and Secretary-Treasurer officer positions on the Board.

The audio of the meeting will be broadcast live from TWIA’s website at, and members of the public may come to TWIA’s offices in Austin to listen to the teleconference and make public comment.

The agenda for the meeting is available at

The Board will conduct no other business at the meeting except with respect to the matters on the agenda that has been posted in accordance with applicable meeting notice requirements: deliberation and possible action to fill or begin the process to fill the vacant board officer positions of Vice Chair and Secretary-Treasurer. There will be no discussion or action on TWIA rates at the meeting.

The positions of Vice Chair and Secretary-Treasurer of the Board are presently vacant due to the recent departures of Board members Debbie King (Insurance Industry Representative) and Joshua Fields (First Tier Coastal Representative).

The nominations and elections to these vacant officer positions are filled by a vote of the Board, electing from the Board's membership, pursuant to Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.104 and the Association’s Plan of Operation (28 Texas Administrative Code §5.4001, et seq.).

Members of the media may send inquiries to