Upper Coast Storm Response

TWIA is responding to the storms along the upper coast and is ready to pay its policyholders for covered damages.

If you are impacted by this storm, the below information is intended to help you start your TWIA claim process.

If you haven’t already, we recommend signing up to use our online Claims Center or Policyholder Portal – start at www.twia.org/claimscenter. There, you can report a new claim; check the status of your existing claim; view and upload photos and documents; view payment details; and send messages to the team handling your claim.  

Report a claim one of three ways:

  • Visit TWIA’s online Claims Center or Policyholder Portal at www.twia.org/claimscenter
  • Call (800) 788-8247, option 1
  • Contact your agent

Have your TWIA policy number, best contact information, and property damage details ready. Please note that TWIA cannot accept claims that are reported through email or fax.

After reporting a claim:

  • Review your TWIA insurance coverage.
    • Understand your coverage limits and deductible. As your agent, I can help explain this information.
    • Remember: TWIA does not cover storm surge/flood damage, and flood insurance does not cover wind or hail damage.
  • Take pictures or video of any damage to your property.
  • Make temporary or minor repairs to prevent further damage (learn more).
    • Keep receipts and records of payment.
    • Do not begin making permanent repairs until you and TWIA have communicated about your damage.
  • Maintain contact with TWIA about your claim; this helps ensure it is resolved quickly.
    • TWIA recommends using its online Claims Center or Policyholder Portal (available at www.twia.org/claimscenter). There, you can message the team handling your claim, check its status, and view and upload photos and documents.
  • Be wary of out-of-state contractors who show up at your door unexpectedly.
  • Understand the windstorm building code requirements for your area (learn more).

Visit www.twia.org/claimscenter to learn about the TWIA claims process.