Written Public Comment for TWIA Actuarial & Underwriting Committee

At its November 19 meeting, the TWIA Actuarial & Underwriting Committee voted to recommend to the TWIA Board that the Association make a proposed rate filing for a 5 percent increase for both commercial and residential risks with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). The Committee also voted to recommend to the TWIA Board that they direct TWIA staff to provide additional written information to the TWIA Board, the Committee, and TDI on issues discussed at the meeting related to TWIA's rate adequacy analysis within three months following the TWIA Board’s meeting on December 10.

The Committee’s recommendations are expected to be presented by Committee Chair Debbie King to the TWIA Board at its regularly scheduled quarterly meeting on December 10 in Corpus Christi. The agenda for this meeting has not yet been published.

In the interest of transparency and consistent with prior practice, we have posted the written public comments received for the November 19 Committee meeting. Certain personally identifiable information, such as names and contact information, has been redacted to protect the privacy of those individuals, some of whom may be TWIA policyholders.