Ten Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

The hurricane season begins June 1 and runs through November 30. As we approach the 2015 hurricane season, it is important to prepare your property, valuables, loved ones and pets in the event of a storm.

Here are 10 tips to get you ready for hurricane season:

1. Take an inventory of your property. Consider recording a video “tour” of your belongings. Keep all property records in a location away from your home.

2. Protect your home by keeping up with general maintenance. Keeping your roof in good condition and your foundation sound can go a long way to preventing wind and water damage.

3. You may be able to lessen hurricane damage to your home by making some simple structural upgrades. Check with your insurance agent to learn more.

4. Be sure you have BOTH flood and windstorm insurance coverage. Flood insurance does not cover wind damage, and windstorm insurance does not cover flood/storm surge damage.

5. Insure your property for what it will cost to REPLACE rather than basing coverage on current value.

6. Schedule an insurance “check-up” with your agent at least once a year, well ahead of hurricane season.

7. If changes to your insurance coverage are needed, plan ahead. It may be too late to make changes if a hurricane is actually in the Gulf.

8. Be sure you know how to initiate an insurance claim. For fastest service, call TWIA 24/7/365 at 1-800-788-8247 to report a claim.

9. Read your insurance policies and know what is covered and not covered. If you are not sure, discuss with your agent.

10. Make any minor temporary repairs to protect your property from further loss, keeping receipts for any work completed. You should not begin making permanent repairs until a TWIA-assigned adjuster has contacted you and inspected your property.

Take the time now to ensure that you and your family will be prepared when the next storm strikes.


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