Moratorium Possible for Hurricane Delta

TWIA is closely monitoring Hurricane Delta, which is currently active in the Caribbean. Forecasts predict this hurricane will cross the 80 degrees west longitude/20 degrees north latitude line in the Gulf of Mexico within the next 24 hours. When that happens, TWIA will enact a moratorium on accepting applications for new or increased coverage (read more).

If enacted, this moratorium would remain in effect until the TWIA General Manager determines that the storm no longer threatens property within the designated catastrophe area of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Hurricane Delta is currently forecast to make landfall in Louisiana on Saturday morning.

Reminder for Agents About Policy Payment Options
If you need to make a policy payment, EFT and ACH are the fastest options and provide immediate payment confirmation.

If making a payment by check or money order, sending it via USPS Certified, Registered, Hand Cancelled, or Postal Express will ensure the policy effective date matches the postmark date (or later if specified on the application).

Click here to learn more about payment methods and effective dates.

Stay Up to Date
We will continue to keep our stakeholders updated and notify them if a moratorium goes into effect. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on this storm and TWIA’s response to it.