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TWIA is governed by Chapter 2210 of the Texas Insurance Code. TWIA provides a source of insurance used as a last resort for property owners that have been denied windstorm and hail property insurance coverage in the private (voluntary) market. TWIA is not a private market competitor.

What is TWIA?

Why does TWIA exist? Standard homeowner’s insurance companies often deny wind and hail coverage for property along the Texas coast. This leaves coastal property owners without the standard insurance coverage so often required by mortgage lenders and other financial institutions. When this wind and hail insurance is denied, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association becomes an option for coverage.

How does TWIA operate? TWIA is a not-for-profit insurance association that operates like an insurance company by issuing policies, collecting premiums, and paying losses (claims). TWIA policies only provide coverage for property damage caused directly by wind and hail. TWIA policies do not cover damage caused by flooding and storm surge.

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TWIA’s Coverage Area

1971year established
231,000policies in force
$4.508billion in funding for hurricane season

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TWIA encourages public comment on matters to be considered by the Board and its committees. Links and information on how you can join TWIA meetings virtually and make verbal public comment will be provided for each meeting on the tiles below. You can submit written public comment on issues to be considered at TWIA meetings via email to

Meet the Board of Directors

The Texas Insurance Code Chapter 2210 outlines the composition and objectives of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association’s Board of Directors. TWIA is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Commissioner of Insurance.

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