Agent Premium Payments

Agents can pay the policy premium on behalf of their clients through the TWIA Agent Portal.

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To learn about premium payment options available to TWIA policyholders/applicants, visit You may also visit the Agent Training Center to learn more about premium payments.

Payment Methods in the TWIA Agent Portal

1. eCheck
Required Information: Policyholder's/applicant’s address, contact information, bank account number, and bank routing number.
Fees: None
Payment Plans Available? Yes

2. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Required Information: The insurance agency must have EFT setup. Learn how to setup EFT for an agency by watching our video guide.
Fees: None
Payment Plans Available? Yes

3. Premium Financing 
Premium financing through Wellington was only available for policies submitted through the Old Agent Portal. For most, these were policies with an effective date before April 18, 2022, and renewals with an effective date before July 18, 2022.
Required Information: Coordinate with the insurance premium finance company.
Fees: Varies by insurance premium finance company. TWIA does not receive any funds from these fees.
Payment Plans Available? Through the insurance premium finance company.

4. Paper Check or Money Order
Required Information: Agents must mail the payment coupon from the Agent Portal along with the check/money order (including the down payment check if premium financed through an insurance premium finance company) to TWIA.
Fees: None. However, postage will apply.
Payment Plans Available? Yes
Read about accepted mailing methods

Payments cannot be made over the phone to TWIA.

Payment Plans

If the policyholder/applicant chooses a payment plan, they must keep it for the remainder of their policy term. The agent can submit the first payment on behalf of the policyholder/applicant if they choose TWIA Full Pay, TWIA 2 Pay, TWIA 4 Pay, or TWIA 10 Pay. The policyholder/applicant must make any additional payments by an approved payment method.

TWIA will mail policyholders their policy packet upon receipt of the first payment and a notice when it is time to make any additional payment.


Refunds for payments made by the agent will be mailed to the policyholder/applicant in the form of a check, or applied to future payments.


To learn more about TWIA payment options available to agents, please visit the TWIA Agent Training Center or contact our Policy Service team at or (800) 788-8247.