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If you are unable to have repair or replacement work performed for the amount that TWIA has estimated, you may be entitled to supplemental (additional) claim payments. There are deadlines that apply to requesting supplemental payments. Please read your policy and claim letters and discuss with TWIA any deadlines that may apply to you.

Don’t Wait to Cash Your First Check. Cashing your first check doesn’t mean that additional funds aren’t available. The claims process can be long and sometimes multiple checks are issued to fully resolve a claim.

How to Request a Supplemental Payment

  1. Gather detailed contractor estimates, any other estimates, and receipts for the cost to repair or replace your damaged property.
  • When gathering contractor and other estimates, please request line item estimates that break down and show labor and material costs (rather than a single cost or lump sum estimate). With a detailed estimate, TWIA can quickly compare your estimate to our own and identify any differences.
  • Please request contractor estimates that reflect repairs and replacements of a similar kind and quality as the original property. This will allow us to accurately compare your estimates against our own.
  • Feel free to share TWIA’s estimate with your contractor or anyone else you are working with.
  1. Submit your estimates and documentation of the damage to TWIA through Claims Center or the Policyholder Portal. If you experience issues using Claims Center or the Policyholder Portal, you can email documents to (include your claim number in the subject line); communicating by email may result in slower response times. For the sake of security and efficiency, only policyholders – not their contractors – should email information and documents to TWIA. We will review your estimates against our own and issue a supplemental payment if warranted.


If you disagree with the amount TWIA has agreed to pay for the covered portion of your claim, and we have declined to issue a supplemental payment, you may pursue a formal resolution process called “appraisal.” Unless otherwise stated by TWIA or the Texas Department of Insurance, the deadline to request appraisal on the actual cash value amount of a claim is 60 days from the date you received your claim assessment letter from TWIA (titled Notice of Claim Acceptance; Notice of Claim Denial; or Notice of Claim Acceptance in Part and Denial in Part). If you have replacement cost coverage, you will have additional time to request appraisal. That timeline will be included in your assessment letter.

Learn more about the appraisal process.

For More Information

Please contact your insurance agent if you have any questions about your policy and the coverages it provides. If you have a TWIA claim you would like to discuss, contact us through the Policyholder Hub or by calling (800) 788-8247.

Effective Friday, May 17, 2024, TWIA has stopped automatically renewing commercial policies as authorized by legislation passed last year.

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