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If you have questions regarding the RMS or the Adjuster Certification process, please contact your firm. Each firm has available resources to assist you with your questions and/or concerns.

You can locate the firm you are associated with on the RMS under your user profile.


All TWIA claims are assigned to qualified independent adjusting firms selected through a request for proposal process conducted every 5 years. TWIA contracts with independent adjusting firms that demonstrate our commitment to providing quality service to policyholders by adjusting claims quickly, fairly, and accurately while upholding the highest ethical standards.

TWIA & TFPA Resource Management System (RMS)

The RMS is our training and certification platform for adjusters who intend to handle TWIA/TFPA claims. Through the RMS, licensed and certified adjusters partnered with a contracted firm will have access to important guidelines, process updates, and documents. During major weather events, crucial updates may be posted to address common concerns and provide additional guidance.

Current RMS Users – Log In

For adjusters who are already registered with the system through one of the currently approved independent adjusting firms, please use the login here.

If you have forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password option at the link above to obtain a new password.


Completion certificates will be offered through the RMS system. Although the firm you registered with will have access to your list of completed certifications, a certificate can be printed and provided to other contracted adjusting firms, confirming your eligibility to handle TWIA/TFPA claims.

Please remember that TWIA/TFPA certifications are good for 365 days from completion.

Field Adjuster Certifications

TWIA & TFPA require adjusters to complete specific training and certification to handle field claims. To access the required training and certification, adjusters will need to register with an independent adjusting firm. After joining a firm’s roster, adjusters will be provided access to TWIA and TFPA’s Resource Management System (RMS) for training and certification. Login credentials will be supplied by the independent adjusting firms. The firms we currently contract with that handle TWIA and TFPA field claims are listed below:

Field Adjusting Firms

* Commercial Only

Commercial Certifications

Commercial certifications are being offered through the RMS. Only eligible adjusters will be provided access to the Commercial Certification. Please contact your firm to see if you are eligible to handle TWIA commercial claims.

Claims Examiner Certification

Adjusters who are already associated with one of the Field Adjusting firms listed above and registered on the RMS will be able to complete the Claims Examiner Certification with that firm. Certifications on the RMS are transferable; adjusters associated with a field adjusting firm do not need to sign up with a new claims examiner firm.

Adjusters who are not associated with a field adjusting firm listed above and who only want to receive work as a claims examiner will need to register with one of the inside staffing firms listed below to become TWIA/TFPA certified.

Claims Examiner Firms

**This firm provides litigation support resources only

Satellite Desk Adjusting Firms

Replacement Cost Calculators

A link to the Commercial Replacement Cost Calculator is located on the RMS in the Job Aids section.

Please contact your firm to obtain the login and password to access the replacement cost calculator website.

Due to system maintenance, TWIA Agent Portal and TWIA Policyholder Portal will be unavailable Saturday, April 20 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Click here to view all scheduled maintenance.

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