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How to get windstorm and hail insurance from TWIA

An application must be submitted to obtain coverage from TWIA. Applications must be submitted by a licensed insurance agent registered with TWIA. Most insurance agents operating in Texas can help you. Contact your insurance agent or insurance company to apply for coverage with TWIA.

TWIA is only a piece of the insurance puzzle. TWIA is meant to provide coverage for wind and hail losses only. No other perils are covered by TWIA policies. It is important to be properly protected in the event of a loss. Talk to your agent about your options for coverage against flood, fire, and other risks.

Do you need coverage from TWIA?

TWIA provides wind and hail coverage to applicants unable to obtain insurance in the private market.

To obtain or continue windstorm and hail coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA), property must meet certain requirements established by the Texas Legislature.

  • Properties must be in the designated catastrophe area
  • Applicants must have been denied coverage by at least one authorized insurer
  • Properties must be certified to building codes, with limited exceptions
  • Properties must have proof of flood insurance coverage, if required
  • Properties must meet underwriting requirements

Learn more about our coverages and eligibility requirements. The full eligibility requirements can be found in Texas Insurance Code Chapter 2210.

Contact an Insurance Agent or Company

Contact your insurance agent or insurance company to start the application process.

Don’t have an insurance agent? Applicants may work with any Texas-licensed property insurance agency of their choosing. TWIA does not recommend or endorsement particular agents or agencies. For assistance finding an agent, visit Texas Department of Insurance or

Your insurance agent will help you submit your application. This process will include:

  • Gathering information about the property such as age, roof type, etc…
  • Determine coverage amounts and types
  • Discussing payment plans and options

After your application has been submitted and approved by TWIA underwriting an offer of insurance will be generated for your consideration.

Submit Payment

Once you have received an offer of insurance, payment will be needed to start coverage. TWIA has many payment plans and options to choose from. Your agent will discuss your payment options with you. Learn more about our payment plans and options.

To pay online, you will need to log in.

Get Prepared

Once your policy is issued, you should consider your hurricane preparedness. Being prepared for a storm can help reduce your risk and speed up the claim process.

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