TWIA Agent Training Center

Courses, job aids, and additional resources to help you navigate TWIA systems and programs.

New Webinar - Refresher on Payment Options

TitleResource TypeLink
TWIA Agent Payment Options Recorded WebinarVideo LINK
TWIA Agent Payment Options Recorded Webinar - SlidesPDF LINK

Policy Center

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System Basics for Quoting and SubmissionsCourse LINK
System Basics for Changes, Cancellations, and RenewalsCourse LINK
System Basics for Electronic Communications, Searching, and AdministrationCourse LINK
TitleResource TypeLink
Policy Center Account StructureVideo LINK
DocumentsVideo LINK
Activities, Emails, and Work Queue PreferencesVideo LINK
TitleResource TypeLink
Policy Center System RequirementsJob Aid LINK
Using Microsoft Edge to Work with TWIA Policy CenterJob Aid LINK
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Residential: Importing a Replacement Cost ValuationJob Aid LINK
Commercial: How to Use the Valuation ToolJob Aid LINK
Commercial: For Administrators - User ManagementJob Aid LINK
MSB Upgrade BenefitsInfographic LINK
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Agent Email PreferencesJob Aid LINK
Work Queue PreferencesJob Aid LINK
TitleResource TypeLink
New Residential SubmissionJob Aid LINK
Adding or Deleting a MortgageeJob Aid LINK
New Submission StatusJob Aid LINK
Renewal StatusJob Aid LINK
Uploading DocumentsJob Aid LINK
Submitting a TWIA Policy Cancellation RequestJob Aid LINK
Activities in Policy CenterJob Aid LINK
Builder's Risk PoliciesJob Aid LINK
Address StandardizationJob Aid LINK
Residential Construction TypesJob Aid LINK
ISO Construction TypesJob Aid LINK
TitleResource TypeLink
Creating an InvoiceJob Aid LINK
Payments (not including Wellington payments)Job Aid LINK
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)Job Aid LINK
Wellington Premium FinanceJob Aid LINK
eCheck Payment Processing OverviewJob Aid LINK
eCheck Payment Processing GuideJob Aid LINK
TitleResource TypeLink
Searching for Documents in Policy CenterJob Aid LINK
Searching in Policy CenterJob Aid LINK

Claims Center

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Agent Reference GuideReference Guide LINK
Entering a New ClaimJob Aid LINK
Reviewing a ClaimJob Aid LINK

Legislative Changes

Learn about legislation that changed how TWIA provides wind and hail insurance to the Texas coast.

Effective November 19, 2020

TitleResource TypeLink
TWIA Payment Options Recorded Agent WebinarVideo LINK
Policyholder Online Payment Website DemonstrationVideo LINK
TWIA Payment Options Agent Webinar - Slides OnlyPDF LINK

Effective March 1, 2020

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New TWIA Renewal Process Recorded Agent WebinarVideo LINK
New TWIA Renewal Process Agent Webinar - Slides OnlyPDF LINK

Effective January 1, 2020

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Policy Conditions/Insurance to Value (ITV) Recorded Agent WebinarVideo LINK
Policy Conditions/Insurance to Value (ITV) Agent Webinar - Slides OnlyPDF LINK


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Agent PhaseJob Aid LINK
Agent Period 2021-2022Video Guide LINK
Policyholder PhaseJob Aid LINK
Policyholder Period 2021-2022Video Guide LINK