Printing Quotes in the New Agent Portal

Attention agents: You may already know that the New Agent Portal does not include the Old Agent Portal’s way of printing a quote. That is because the old way produced inconsistent results.

Inconsistencies aside, agents are telling us that printing a quote is important to how you work and communicate with your clients. That is why we are working on adding a different print quote solution to the new portal – designed with you in mind. Stay tuned for a survey asking for your feedback on quote printing.

Current Way to Print Quotes
One way you can currently print a quote from the New Agent Portal is to use your computer’s “Print Screen” button/shortcut while on the Quote Summary page.

This job aid shows you how. Click here to view an example of the resulting screenshot.

Contact Us
If you have questions or concerns about this or anything else, let us know. Our Policy Services team is available at or (800) 788-8247.