TWIA Board Discusses Ideas Related to Rates in Virtual Workshop

The TWIA Board of Directors held a virtual public workshop meeting on April 21, 2021, to study issues related to rates. No action on a rate filing was taken at the meeting.

The Board discussed several issues related to rates, including ideas submitted by the members of TWIA’s Actuarial & Underwriting Committee and members of the public. Topics included pending legislation, reinsurance, territorial rating, expense management, and building code credits.

The Board directed TWIA staff to provide the Board with additional information on several topics, including potential changes to the Association property inspection program, earlier and more detailed budget information, updated information on territorial rating, the impact of new laws enacted in this session of the Texas Legislature on TWIA’s actuarial analysis and probable maximum loss, and strategies for outreach to policyholders on mitigation issues.

An archived recording of the meeting is available on TWIA’s website at The Board is next scheduled to meet on May 18, 2021.

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