TWIA Quoting & Renewal Process Survey

Attention agents: The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) invites agents to take a short survey on our quoting and renewal processes.

Why is TWIA Collecting This Information?
We are collecting this information in response to a recommendation by the Sunset Advisory Commission of the Texas Legislature (Recommendation 2.4) to establish separate agent commission rates for new policies and policy renewals following the implementation of legislative changes to streamline our policy renewal process.

Why Should Agents Complete This Survey?
If agents choose to complete this survey, the information submitted will be provided to TWIA’s Board of Directors as they consider making a recommendation to the Insurance Commissioner to adopt changes to TWIA’s agent commission structure.

As outlined in TWIA’s governing statute (Texas Insurance Code Chapter 2210): “The commission structure adopted by the commissioner must be fair and reasonable, taking into consideration the amount of work performed by an agent in submitting an application to the association and the prevailing commission structure in the private windstorm market.”

How Do Agents Complete the Survey?
Click on this link to complete the survey, which is related to agents’ work to submit a TWIA policy application: TWIA Quoting and Renewal Process Survey

Survey responses must be submitted no later than Friday, October 20.

More Information on TWIA’s Upcoming Board Meeting
TWIA is gathering other data and information relevant to this issue to present to the Board at their December 12 quarterly meeting. Agents and other interested parties can also submit written public comment before the meeting and make verbal public comment during the meeting related to this issue.

Agents can find more information about the December TWIA Board meeting, including public comment options, on our home page closer to the date of the meeting.