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The list of companies below is an inclusive list. Companies may be participating in one or both of the depopulation programs. Some companies have made additional information available on their websites. Please refer to the links below, where you will be directed away from the TWIA website to the pages the companies have provided.

Assumption Reinsurance Depopulation Program:

Round 1 (2016-2017):

Round 2 (2017-2018):

Round 3 (2018-2019):

Round 4 (2019-2020):

Round 5 (2021-2022):

Round 6 (2022-2023):

Voluntary Market Depopulation Program:

  • American Capital Assurance Corp
  • Cypress Texas Insurance Company
  • State National Insurance Company, Inc
  • USAA
  • Weston Property & Casualty Insurance Company

Effective Friday, May 17, 2024, TWIA has stopped automatically renewing commercial policies as authorized by legislation passed last year.

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