FAQ: June 1 Changes to the Windstorm Certification Program

Windstorm Certificates of Compliance (WPI-8s/WPI-8-Cs) are an important eligibility requirement for TWIA as well as some private insurance companies. The process for coastal property owners to certify completed structural improvements will change on June 1, 2020. The process to certify new and ongoing improvements will not change.

Currently, both the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and TWIA issue Certificates of Compliance. TDI issues WPI-8s for new and ongoing property improvements and TWIA issues WPI-8-Cs for completed property improvements (learn more).

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s changing?
Beginning June 1, 2020, the windstorm certification process will be administered solely by TDI. At that time:

  • TWIA will stop accepting applications for Certificates of Compliance for completed improvements.
  • TDI will begin issuing Certificates of Compliance for completed improvements. TDI will continue to issue Certificates of Compliance for new and ongoing improvements.

What’s the reason for this change?
This change, and its effective date, is the result of legislation passed in 2019 by the Texas Legislature: Senate Bill 615 and House Bill 1900.

Will TWIA Certificates of Compliance (WPI-8-Cs) still be valid after June 1?
Certificates of Compliance issued by TWIA (WPI-8-Cs) will remain valid and property owners will not have to re-certify those same structures to remain eligible for TWIA insurance, unless they update the structures after being certified.

When is the last day TWIA will accept applications?
May 31, 2020 is the last day TWIA will accept applications for Certificates of Compliance. Paper applications mailed to TWIA must be postmarked on or before that date for them to be processed by TWIA.

How will this change the certification process?
Property owners and the engineers they hire to help certify a structure will apply to TDI rather than TWIA for a Certificate of Compliance for completed improvements. As outlined in statute, TDI will have additional oversight of the certification process for completed improvements.

How will this benefit property owners?
TDI already administers the Windstorm Inspection Program and is a regulatory agency. Consolidating the certification process under TDI will:

  • Reduce property owner confusion on where to obtain a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Make all future Certificates of Compliance searchable on the TDI online database. Property owners with a Certificate of Compliance issued by TWIA can contact TWIA for a copy.
  • Offer property owners local assistance for certifying completed improvements through TDI’s field offices in Beaumont, La Marque, Angleton, and Corpus Christi.

Where can I learn more?
TWIA’s Windstorm Certifications webpage and TDI’s Windstorm Inspections Program webpage provide information about the current certification process.