Hurricane Beryl Update Moratorium Lifted

TWIA is responding to policyholders affected by Hurricane Beryl. Thank you for providing TWIA policyholders with guidance and support as they begin the recovery process

The TWIA policy moratorium has been lifted by the TWIA General Manager. We are accepting applications, issuing new policies, and processing renewals today, Tuesday, July 9. 

Here is the latest info on the policy moratorium and a few reminders about reporting and managing TWIA claims.

TWIA policyholders can report a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the following four ways.  

  • Online: at
  • Chat: Use the 24-hour chat option on our claims webpage
  • Text: Text “Hello” to (512) 645-2846
  • Call: Call the Claims Care Team at (800) 788-8247, select option 1

Here are a few reminders policyholders can keep in mind for a swift claims experience.

  • Have as many details, documentation, and/or photos as possible:
    • Take pictures or video of any damage to your property. If your covered personal property was damaged, fill out a personal property inventory form at  
  • Review your TWIA insurance coverage:
    • Understand your coverage limits and deductibles.
    • TWIA does not cover storm surge/flood damage, and flood insurance does not cover wind or hail damage. 
  • Make temporary or minor repairs to prevent further damage (
    • Keep receipts and records of payment.
    • Do not begin making permanent repairs until you and TWIA have communicated about your damage.
  • Stay in touch with TWIA about your claim; this helps ensure it is resolved quickly.
  • Be wary of out-of-state contractors who show up at your door unexpectedly.

Agents can report a TWIA claim through the Agent Portal or by calling the Claims Care Team at (800) 788-8247, option 1. Please do not attempt to file claims by fax, email, or US mail as this may cause delays. 

The Policy Services team is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (800) 788-8247 or