Making the Most of TWIA Coverage: Increased Cost of Construction

Policyholders are often shocked to learn that standard insurance policies won’t pay for upgrades required by current building codes. TWIA’s Increased Cost of Construction (ICC) endorsement offers coverage for policyholders in these circumstances.

Common items subject to building ordinances include doors, windows, garage doors, siding, insulation, electrical systems, framing, roofing, foundations, and elevation requirements.

TWIA does not pay for upgrades required for building code changes unless the ICC endorsement is purchased. Endorsements TWIA-431 (residential) and TWIA-432 (commercial) cover the increased costs associated with required code upgrades. The ICC endorsement only provides funds if those costs are directly related to code-related upgrades. Coverage amounts are offered at 5, 10, 15, or 25 percent of the Coverage A (Building) limit of liability.

For more information, visit our Increased Cost of Construction resource page.