Latest Info on Our Process Changes

Attention agents: Last August, we shared the upcoming changes in TWIA processes from the Texas Legislature and how they will impact working with TWIA. 

We will continue to keep you informed of developments related to these legislative changes and provide additional resources and training throughout the year. 

Here are the latest updates on these laws and what to expect as 2024 gets underway:

Law ChangeLatest Updates
When a policyholder cancels a policy, the unearned premium is refunded only if the policy was cancelled for reasons specified by law (HB 3208).This change was implemented on October 5, 2023, and communicated to agents in this previous Agent Bulletin.
The Insurance Commissioner, with TWIA’s advice, is required to set deadlines for the appraisal process (HB 3310). Applies to TWIA appraisals demanded on or after January 1, 2024. TDI has adopted the final rules for this law. This adoption order establishes various deadlines for the appraisal process, including:

Deadlines for appraisers
Deadlines if an umpire is involved
The availability of deadline extensions 
The Texas FAIR Plan Association (TFPA) must provide property owners’ association insurance to eligible risks in areas designated by the Insurance Commissioner (HB 998).  

This may impact agents who offer TFPA coverage.
TDI is developing a process for designating underserved areas and is accepting input and information on possible changes to TFPA. 

The Texas FAIR Plan Association (TFPA) is required to offer this coverage starting September 1, 2024, in any areas designated by TDI and is exploring methods to offer this coverage.
TWIA is now authorized to establish standards and performance requirements for agents selling TWIA policies (SB 2232). TWIA is gathering input from the Agent Advisory Group (AAG) and TDI regarding potential requirements, with implementation expected by late 2024. 
Policy nonrenewal notice requirements will change from 30 to 60 days (HB 1900).

This change applies to all property and casualty insurers in Texas. 
The expected implementation date is late 2024. 
The automatic renewal process is no longer required for commercial policies (SB 2233).Agents will be required to manually take action to place commercial renewals into the renewal workflow. 

This change is planned to be implemented in May 2024.  

If you have any questions, please contact Policy Services at or (800) 788-8247.