Effective November 19: Policyholder Online Payments

4/18/2022 Update: This webpost is relevant to a) policies issued or quoted and submitted before April 18, 2022 and b) renewals effective before July 17, 2022. Visit our Payments webpage to learn about all policyholder payment options.

Last month, we introduced agents to the new online policyholder payment options coming November 19, as well as a new payment webpage on our website. Starting November 19, policyholders can make policy premium payments online via this new webpage: www.twia.org/payments.

What can agents do to prepare themselves and their clients for these changes?
Join one of our webinars to learn more. The last one will be held November 23. A recording is also available in the agent Training Center.

What are the benefits?
With online payments, policyholders will be able to get instant confirmation TWIA has received their payment. That means less wondering for them and fewer calls for agents. Online payments will also be applied to their policy faster than payments received in the form of a check.

What are the new online policyholder payment options?

  • Credit Cards: Policyholders will be able to pay for their policy online with their Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card. Debit cards and ATM cards may also be used. Third-party/vendor fees may apply.
  • Echeck: Policyholders will be able to pay for their policy online with an electronic check.
  • Installments: Policyholders will be able to pay for their policy in two installments. Installments are available online, by mail, and through their agent. They can pay 50% or more at the time the policy is issued or renewed and pay the remaining balance within four months.
    • Note: The temporary two-payment option implemented in response to COVID-19 ended on November 1 and will be replaced by this new installment option.

What’s not changing?
Our other standard payment options are not changing. Policyholders can still pay TWIA through their agent or by mail. The new online and installment options are additional options.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns, our Policy Services team is here to help. Email us at payments@twia.org or call us at (800) 788-8247.