Renewal Offer System Issue 

Attention agents: We wanted to make you aware of a system issue that caused a delay in mailing renewal offers 35 days prior to policy expiration. The issue has been corrected.  

Important details 

  • It affected renewals from 11/8/23 through 11/16/23. 
  • Only impacted the physical paper renewal offer that is mailed out.  
  • The renewals themselves are in the correct “renewing status” in the Agent and Policyholder Portals.  
  • You and/or the policyholder can proceed with payment as usual.  
  • The delayed renewal offers will be mailed out soon.

As long as payment is received within the 10-day payment grace period, the payment and renewal will be processed as usual according to underwriting guidelines. 

We apologize for the delay and appreciate your understanding.  

Please contact Policy Services with any questions you may have at? or (800) 788-8247.