TWIA Posts 2022 Rate Adequacy Analysis

TWIA’s 2022 Rate Adequacy Analysis indicates that TWIA’s current rates are inadequate by 15 percent for residential coverage and 11 percent for commercial coverage.

The Rate Adequacy Analysis is a professional estimate by TWIA’s actuarial staff of the extent to which rates are sufficient to cover the Association’s operating expenses and its expected losses from claims. The 2022 Analysis shows continued improvement in the Association’s rate adequacy.


TWIA’s Rate Adequacy Analysis consists of several PDF documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The complete 2022 TWIA Rate Adequacy Analysis is now available.

  • State law requires TWIA to post a rate adequacy analysis on its website 14 days prior to the date the TWIA Board of Directors votes on a rate filing.
  • TWIA must make a rate filing with the Texas Department of Insurance by August 15 each year.
    • TWIA’s Board will meet August 2, 2022, to make a decision regarding the filing.
  • The Analysis represents an estimate of the amount of premium the Association needs to cover its projected expenses (including losses and loss adjusting expenses, operating expenses, debt service and reinsurance costs).
  • Previous TWIA Rate Adequacy Analyses can also be found in the Financials & Reports section of TWIA’s website.

Providing Public Comment on the Rate Adequacy Analysis

There are two upcoming opportunities to provide public comment on TWIA’s Rate Adequacy Analysis:

  • TWIA’s Actuarial & Underwriting Committee will meet on July 18 to review the Analysis and make a rate filing recommendation to the TWIA Board.
  • The TWIA Board will meet August 2 to consider the Analysis, the Committee’s recommendation, and stakeholder feedback prior to its annual required rate filing decision.

Stakeholders are invited to provide public comment about TWIA’s 2022 Rate Adequacy Analysis at both meetings. More information on TWIA Board and Committee meeting dates and how to provide public comment is available in the Board Meetings section of the About Us page.

Members of the media with questions about TWIA’s rate filing consideration process, please email