How do I get a TWIA policy?

First, contact your insurance agent or if you don’t have an agent, locate a Texas-licensed property and casualty agent. Your insurance agent will help you determine whether you are eligible for TWIA coverage. To be eligible for a TWIA policy, applicants and properties must meet certain criteria defined by the Texas Legislature:

  • Applicants must have been denied coverage by at least one insurer in the private market
  • Properties must be located in the designated catastrophe area
  • Properties must be certified by TDI (WPI-8/WPI-8-E) or TWIA (WPI-8-C) as having been built to applicable building codes, with limited exceptions
  • Properties located in specified flood zones (V zones) that were constructed, altered, remodeled, or enlarged after September 1, 2009 and that can obtain flood insurance through the NFIP must provide proof of flood insurance coverage
  • Properties must be in an insurable condition as specified by the Association in the Plan of Operation

Finally, if you are eligible for coverage, your agent can submit an application for coverage to TWIA on your behalf. TWIA policyholders may choose to pay TWIA directly or through their agent. Visit our Payments webpage to learn more. Once the application is approved, TWIA will issue the policy.