What is the process for agents contracting with depopulation companies?

  • Can I make contracts with multiple depopulation companies? Yes, but if you have multiple offers on a specific policy, you are only able to select one company per policy.
  • How do I contact the carriers? If a carrier has identified your policies for depopulation, they will be contacting your agency. Here is our list of participating carriers.
  • I have received an offer from only one company. Does that mean I cannot go to other companies participating in the programs? You are always free to place business with any company that you are authorized to write with.
  • I am a captive agent. Can I participate? It depends. Please contact your company regarding your ability to participate.
  • What is TWIA’s role in the contracts we make with companies? TWIA is not involved in the contracting process. All contracts are between agents and companies.