COVID-19: TWIA's Claims Process and Catastrophe Response

TWIA is deemed an “essential service” and is expected to remain in operation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. If a hurricane strikes the Texas coast, TWIA is ready to provide a response that is prompt, effective, and that prioritizes the health and safety of the communities it serves.


Established TWIA Claims Adaptations to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TWIA has already introduced social distancing and safety provisions to its claim handling process. These include:

  • Requiring claims field adjusters to follow national, state, and local health safety guidelines while performing on-site inspections.
  • Offering policyholders reporting claims the option to virtually document internal damage to their property without the need for a field adjuster to enter the home.

It is important to note that TWIA policies do not cover the cost to disinfect or sanitize a structure that the owner suspects may have been contaminated by the COVID-19 virus.


TWIA’s Catastrophe Response During the Pandemic

TWIA’s Catastrophe Incident Response (CAT) Plan outlines how TWIA will respond to a catastrophic weather event. Each year, it is reviewed, tested, and updated. This year's Plan includes adaptations that will allow TWIA to respond to a hurricane during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include:

  • Protocols for physical distancing and safety standards at all Mobile Claims Centers and remote sites.
  • New options for policyholders to interact with claims staff remotely.
  • New options for policyholders to receive claim payments digitally, rather than through a paper check.

Should a hurricane strike the Texas coast, TWIA has the planning and experience to be there for its policyholders.