Protect Yourself from Fraud

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association is committed to preventing and fighting insurance fraud as part of our mission to efficiently provide essential property insurance products to eligible Texans.

After a disaster, we recommend that policyholders stay alert to the potential for fraud during the repair process and the insurance process in order to protect their family and home.

What Is Insurance Fraud?

  • Insurance fraud is the intentional use of deception to receive money or other benefits in an insurance transaction.
  • Insurance fraud is a serious crime that can be committed by adjusters, contractors, and policyholders.
  • Insurance fraud may involve providing false information on an insurance application, exaggerating a claim for damages, or billing for services never rendered.
  • Insurance fraud is not victimless because it can negatively impact the homeowner, as well as other policyholders.

Why Should I Be Concerned?

After a disaster, third party contractors may go door-to-door in damaged neighborhoods offering clean-up or repair services. While many of these are honest and reputable business people, others may not be. Some risks include contractors that pocket your payment without completing the job, those who use inferior materials, or perform subpar work not up to code.

How Can I Protect My Property?

  • Work with only insured contractors.
  • Get more than one estimate. Don’t feel pressured into signing a contract right away.
  • Get everything related to your repairs in writing.
  • Ask to see the driver license of the contractor and write down the number. It is also a good idea to write down their license plate number.
  • Avoid signing a contract with sections left blank, and do not sign a certificate of completion until all of the repair work is done.

What If I Suspect Fraud?

There are resources that you can access to help you identify or report fraudulent activity. If you suspect fraudulent activity related to TWIA or TFPA claims, call the Veracity Research Company (VRC) Fraud Hotline at (800) 625-0425.

For More Information

Learn more ways to protect yourself from fraud at the Texas Department of Insurance’s website.

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