System Requirements

Claims Center Requirements

Internet Browsers:

To provide the best user experience it is recommended to use browsers that support HTML5 & CSS3.

Claims Center is a web application accessed through a web browser. The only browser that is fully supported by the TWIA IT Department is Internet Explorer 11. While it is possible to access Claims Center using other browsers, it’s important to note that there may be issues with the user interface while using anything other than Internet Explorer 11.

Acceptable Browsers:

 Internet Explorer (Desktop) 11*, 10
Firefox (Desktop) 37
Chrome (Desktop) 41
Safari (Mobile) iOS8
Chrome (Mobile) Android KitKat,

Android Lollipop

* Indicates the only web browser supported by TWIA.

Technical Feedback:

If you experience any technical issues while using Claims Center, please contact our Call Center at (800) 788-8247. Please identify the area within Claims Center where you ran into the issue (i.e., trouble logging-in, issue with filing a claim, or problems viewing notes or documents).

If you already have a claim and are using Claims Center to manage your claim, please contact your Claim Examiner to report the issue.

Policy Center Requirements*

*Policy Center is an application used by agents and the below does not apply to policyholders

Operating Systems:

The following operating systems are recommended to access Policy Center.

Operating Systems Supported:

Microsoft Windows Vista SP2

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 10 *

*There are some known issues with these Operating Systems. For more details, see ‘Known Issues’ section below.

Internet Browsers:

The following browsers are required to access Policy Center. If you currently use an older Microsoft browser than listed, or a non-Microsoft browser, you may receive other errors or experience other unknown issues.

Browsers Supported:

32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+

32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ *

32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+ *

32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+ *

32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+ *

*There are some known issues with these browsers. For more details, see ‘Known Issues’ section below.

Additional Requirements:**

Adobe Reader version 7 or higher (or a similar PDF viewer)

Guidewire Document Assistant ActiveX plug-in

**Required to view system generated documents. Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 is suggested to view all other documents.

You are responsible for uploading policy documents to Policy Center before and after submission of the application. Upload only what is needed. Most file types are acceptable. All documents will be retained according to TWIA’s document retention policy.

If you need assistance or clarification on any of Policy Center requirements, please contact TWIA’s Agent Services group at (800) 788-8247.