Windstorm Certificates of Compliance

Please be advised: Effective June 1, 2020, TWIA will no longer accept applications for Certificates of Compliance. At that time, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) will begin issuing Certificates of Compliance for completed improvements. This will be in addition to the Certificates of Compliance TDI already issues for new and ongoing improvements.

Certificates of Compliance issued by TWIA will remain valid. Property owners will not have to re-certify their structures in order to remain eligible for TWIA insurance. This change is the result of legislation passed in 2019. Please visit our Changes at TWIA webpage to learn more about this and other legislative changes affecting TWIA.

Windstorm Certification Process Graphic
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To ensure your property remains eligible for TWIA coverage, you will need to obtain any needed Windstorm Certificates of Compliance, also known as WPI-8s or WPI-8-Cs. The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) oversees the Windstorm Certification program and certifies ongoing repairs/improvements (WPI-8). TWIA certifies completed improvements (WPI-8-C).

To find out if your repairs/improvements require an inspection for either a WPI-8 or a WPI-8-C, call TDI before work begins at (800) 248-6032. Not all repairs require an inspection; you can consult TDI’s website,, or call to determine if the repair/improvement, whether completed or ongoing, requires an inspection.

To have TWIA issue a WPI-8-C for completed improvements, contact a Texas-licensed engineer to inspect your property. If the engineer confirms the repairs/improvements comply with the local building code requirements, they submit a form attesting to this.

TWIA will do everything possible to work with policyholders who have property damage from Hurricane Harvey, and will make reasonable accommodations to provide continuous coverage while the covered structure is undergoing repairs and inspection. However, without a WPI-8 or WPI-8-C, the structure may be considered ineligible for coverage with TWIA.

To learn more about the windstorm certification process visit the windstorm certification tab.