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TDI has approved four new TWIA endorsements. We created these endorsements to reduce confusion and make important information about our policies more visible.

The endorsements are:

About TWIA 311, 321, and 331

Endorsements TWIA 311, 321, and 331 all cover indirect losses. They represent a reorganization of the coverages provided by our existing endorsements: TWIA 310, 320, and 330. There is a disclaimer at the end of the endorsements that clarifies the coverage provided.

Here’s how TWIA offers coverage for indirect losses through these endorsements:

Endorsement NumberTWIA 311TWIA 321TWIA 331
ProvisionsAdditional Living ExpenseWind-Driven RainConsequential Loss

About TWIA 810

We created Endorsement TWIA 810 to increase the visibility of items that may be excluded from a particular Dwelling policy.

This endorsement continues to allow the policyholder to receive coverage through TWIA while excluding any items with insurability issues that do not comply with our underwriting guidelines and requirements. The exclusion of an item can be reversed if the insurability issues are resolved.

Exclusion Process

If TWIA determines it is necessary to exclude an item from a policy:

  • The policyholder will be notified of underwriting concerns/issues by letter
  • A new Declarations page will show this new endorsement attached to the policy
  • A coverage change notice will indicate what was changed
  • The endorsement itself will contain a description of what is being excluded

If the policyholder does not sign and return a copy of the endorsement, we will issue a Notice of Cancellation and cancel the policy.

Where to Find the Endorsements

Samples of the endorsements are available at

Due to system maintenance, TWIA Agent Portal and TWIA Policyholder Portal will be unavailable Saturday, April 20 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Click here to view all scheduled maintenance.

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