Renewals in the New Agent Portal

Attention agents: Starting July 18, 2022, you will need to work all renewals in the New Agent Portal.

While most of the process will be the same as in the Old Agent Portal, there are some important differences. Below are the top five things to know and do.

1. You can edit renewal offers before they are mailed to policyholders.
Review and edit your clients’ renewal offers in the Open Renewals section of the New Agent Portal. You can make edits 90-35 days before the policy renewal date. Once TWIA mails the offer packet (35 days before the renewal date), no further changes can be made.

Renewal Offer Statuses in the New Agent Portal

StatusWhat it MeansWhen it Happens
Renewing (Quoted)Agents can review and edit the renewal. If desired, they can also submit payment to issue the renewal.90-35 days before the policy renewal date.
Offer SubmittedThe renewal offer packet has been mailed to the policyholder. No changes can be made to the offer. The policy will be issued upon receipt of payment.Offer Submitted status can start one of two ways:
  1. An agent submits the renewal payment transaction (which will issue the renewal), OR
  2. If the policy wasn’t already issued, the system will automatically convert the renewal to Offer Submitted status 35 days before the policy renewal date.
DraftDraft status can mean two things:
  1. TWIA is resolving data issues. Agents can view, but not edit, the renewal offer. OR
  2. Agent has initiated, but not completed, edits to the renewal offer.
90-35 days before the policy renewal date.

Not all policies will go through Draft status.

2. Adding a valid policyholder email address is more important than ever.
That is why it is a required field in the New Agent Portal.

TWIA emails policyholders their registration link for the Policyholder Portal. TWIA cannot re-send the registration email if it lands in the wrong inbox.

To use the TWIA 10 Pay plan or pay by credit card, the policyholder MUST register for the Policyholder Portal and finalize the payment themself. In the Policyholder Portal, your clients can also view their policy documents and report a claim.

3. Choose a payment plan for your client.
Policies renewing in the new system for the first time will default to a policyholder direct pay/full annual payment plan.

When reviewing and/or editing the renewal offer, you may select one of the new TWIA payment plans. Policyholders will also have the option of selecting a payment method and plan if they register for the Policyholder Portal. Click here to learn more about payment options for agents and policyholders.

4. If you choose to update a policy’s replacement cost estimate, you may see a substantial increase in its value.
The estimator tool TWIA uses updates building materials and labor costs quarterly. If it’s been a while since you created a replacement cost estimate for a policy, you may see a substantial increase when you calculate a new one. Click here to learn more about quoting policies in the New Agent Portal.

5. Training is available.
In the next few weeks, we will be hosting webinars about renewals in the New Agent Portal. Stay tuned for your invitation. You may also visit the TWIA Agent Training Center for job aids and video tutorials on working in the new portal.

As always, our Policy Services team is also available to answer your questions. Contact us at or (800) 788-8247.