Understanding Our Information Disclosure Practices

We take agent and policyholder privacy seriously and are committed to providing transparency about how TWIA handles the release of information. Below, you will find details about our information disclosure practices. This information is also available on the Privacy Policy page.

TWIA does not conduct marketing activities and never sells or provides information about our policyholders to any marketing or advertising businesses.

TWIA only discloses information about policyholders under the following circumstances:

  • To the policyholder 
  • To the policyholder’s agent of record
  • To the policyholder’s official representative (e.g., attorney, public adjuster, other legal representatives such as family members acting on behalf of the policyholder), when TWIA has obtained authorization in writing from the policyholder 
  • To businesses (such as adjusting firms, engineers, and inspection companies) performing work on behalf of TWIA
  • To other third parties with whom TWIA has a business relationship and needs to disclose, such as banking institutions 
  • To private market insurance carriers participating in the depopulation program, when the policyholder has not opted out of such disclosure 
  • In response to a subpoena or other legally required disclosure 
  • In response to an official fraud investigation request 
  • To researchers, when the policyholder has not opted out of such disclosure or when the research is conducted on behalf of or for the benefit of TWIA and TWIA and the researcher has executed a non-disclosure agreement 

The types of information that may be disclosed include the following:

  • Claims information, including the number of claims, damage reports and estimates, and claim payments 
  • Coverage data, such as the number and type of policies in a certain area
  • Information contained on certificates of compliance and other building code compliance information (but not other information contained on the applications for certificates)
  • Information regarding financial transactions between TWIA and the policyholder, as required to carry out legitimate business activities 
  • Communications between TWIA and the policyholder 

We are subject to the Texas Public Information Act (Texas Government Code Section 552, “the Act”). We may be required, under the Act, to release information relating to the conduct of TWIA business. Such information may include policyholder data; however, before releasing any potentially private policyholder data, we will first seek a ruling from the Texas Office of the Attorney General to determine what information may be withheld and what information must be disclosed. 

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