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Per Policy Offers at Renewal

Authorized by the Texas Legislature in 2015, the Voluntary Market Depopulation Program allows participating insurers to make offers on TWIA policies one at a time at policy renewal. A Texas-authorized insurer must execute a Non-Disclosure and Agreement (NDA) and Participation Agreement to access TWIA policy data and identify policies.

The insurer works with the policyholder’s current agent, either through appointment or a limited servicing agreement, in order to present the offer to the policyholder. The policyholder and agent may accept or reject any offer.

Privacy Policy

All new TWIA policies and policy renewals receive a copy of TWIA’s privacy policy and have the opportunity to keep their information from being disclosed.

Effective Friday, May 17, 2024, TWIA has stopped automatically renewing commercial policies as authorized by legislation passed last year.

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