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This information is current as of August 18, 2022.

Weston Property & Casualty Insurance Company was put into receivership for liquidation by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation on August 8. Policies currently insured by Weston, including policies in Texas, will be canceled effective September 7.  

You can access more information and a detailed FAQ about Weston’s liquidation at The Texas Department of Insurance also has an FAQ for Weston policyholders at 

Weston policyholders with pending claims or other questions can contact: 

Weston Claims/Customer Service:

Phone: (877) 505-3040  

TWIA does not have information about your Weston policies or claims. 

If you are seeking information about Weston premium refunds you should contact the Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association (TPCIGA)

The following FAQs are for insurance agents seeking windstorm coverage on behalf of their Weston clients. Click the website links marked in blue for additional information. 

Is TWIA my client’s only option for windstorm coverage? 

  • If your client had separate windstorm insurance through Weston, we encourage you to check if their homeowner’s insurance company offers windstorm coverage.  
  • Other private insurance companies may also offer windstorm insurance: 
    • The Texas Department of Insurance’s (TDI) HelpInsure website is one resource to explore your client’s windstorm coverage options. 
    • TDI’s website also lists insurance companies that sold windstorm coverage for residential and commercial properties as recently as 2019. 
  • If your client is unable to get windstorm coverage from another insurance company, they may be able to get a TWIA policy.  

What are my first steps to get TWIA coverage for eligible property owners impacted by Weston’s cancellation?  

  • Insurance agents should submit a TWIA policy application as soon as possible. 
  • Insurance agents registered with TWIA may begin a new policy application at any time for eligible applicants. 
  • Insurance agents who are not registered with TWIA can find instructions for registering with TWIA on our website under the Agents tab. 

Can TWIA upload insurance agents’ Weston book of business into the Association’s policy application system?  

  • No. Right now, insurance agents must complete a new policy application for each property seeking windstorm coverage through TWIA.  
  • We are exploring possible options to modify this process and will notify insurance agents of any changes. 

Can TWIA waive any eligibility requirements in this circumstance?  

  • TWIA coverage is available only to property owners who meet certain eligibility requirements; however, Weston policyholders may be eligible for an exception to certain requirements.  

What information or documents do I need to provide regarding windstorm Certificates of Compliance (WPI-8/WPI-8-E/WPI-8-C)?  

  • TWIA requires insurance agents to submit evidence of all windstorm Certificates of Compliance obtained for a property. 
  • TWIA’s policy application system will prompt you to provide information on a property’s windstorm certification history.  

Are there any exceptions to the windstorm Certificates of Compliance requirements? 

  • The property may be eligible for one of two exceptions to the windstorm certification requirements: 
    • Residential properties with construction from 1988 to June 19, 2009 that are not certified may still be eligible for TWIA coverage. These properties must pay a 15% surcharge based on, and in addition to, their policy premium amount. 
    • Residential properties insured on or after June 19, 2009 by an insurer in the private market and that are non-renewed or cancelled by the insurer and missing a required WPI-8 at the time of policy non-renewal/cancellation may be eligible for TWIA coverage. 
  • TDI also offers an option to certify completed improvements to a property, which are defined as: 
    • An improvement in which the original transfer of title from the builder to the initial owner of the improvement has occurred, or 
    • If a transfer is not contemplated, an improvement that is substantially completed. 
  • You can visit to learn about obtaining a Certificate of Compliance for a property. 

What if I cannot find the required windstorm Certificates of Compliance? 

  • If you are unable to locate the required documentation at the time of application, please upload a copy of the Weston dec page for the policyholder (or a placeholder document).  
    • You can submit any actual Certificates of Compliance for a property after the application is submitted.  
  • You can locate a Certificate of Compliance by using the search feature on TDI’s Windstorm website or, for property owners looking for a certificate issued by TWIA between January 1, 2017, and May 31, 2020, contact TWIA at or 800-231-5360. 

Is there a special process to “return” policies that left TWIA and went to Weston through the Voluntary Market and Assumption Reinsurance Depopulation Programs?  

  • There is no special process to return policyholders who moved to Weston through depopulation back to TWIA. A new policy application will be required for each property.  
  • We are exploring possible options to modify this process and will notify insurance agents of any changes. 

Does Weston’s cancellation meet the declination requirement?  

  • Yes. Weston policyholders are deemed to have been denied coverage by a private market carrier because of the cancellation of their coverage. No additional declination is required. 

Do I need to provide documentation for the declination and flood insurance requirements?  

  • TWIA does not require you to provide documentation for the declination and flood insurance requirements to submit a policy application. 
  • You should retain relevant documentation for a policyholder in your files as you may be audited for this information later. 

Can TWIA offer premium payment flexibility to Weston policyholders?  

  • TWIA is evaluating options to assist Weston policyholders with premium payments and will update insurance agents of any changes. 
  • TWIA offers several interest-free payment plans (Full Pay, 2 Pay, 4 Pay, and 10 Pay) for property owners seeking windstorm coverage.  
  • The lowest initial payment amount to secure coverage is TWIA’s 10 Pay plan, which requires a 15% down payment.  
    • Policyholders may make the down payment with a credit card. 
    • Policyholders who choose TWIA’s 10 Pay plan must also enroll in auto draft. 
  • Other payment options include agent EFT (from the agent’s bank account), eCheck (agent enters policyholder’s bank account information), or via a separate premium finance company. 
  • More details on the payment options can be found at 

Do we have to use the replacement cost estimator within TWIA’s system or is there an alternative valuation we can provide?   

  • Yes. The replacement cost estimator is built into TWIA’s application system and is a seamless part of the application process.  
  • When agents input minimal information, the estimator tool pulls the property values into the application.  
  • Agents can edit details within the estimator tool and may adjust coverage up or down from that estimate. 

Who can I contact if I have other questions about processing a TWIA policy application for my Weston client? 

  • You can contact TWIA’s Weston Policy Support Team with questions at (800) 231-5360 or 

Effective Friday, May 17, 2024, TWIA has stopped automatically renewing commercial policies as authorized by legislation passed last year.

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