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Attention agents: The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) invites agents to take a short survey on our quoting and renewal processes. Why is TWIA Collecting This Information?We are collecting this information in response to a recommendation by the Sunset Advisory Commission of the Texas Legislature (Recommendation 2.4) to establish separate agent commission rates for new policies and policy renewals […]
Attention agents: The Texas Legislature passed several new laws related to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). Here is some information about these laws and how they will impact how agents do business with TWIA. The Association will be working over the coming weeks and months to update our processes and provide training and information […]
Attention agents: We have added a Payment History section to our portals! Agents and their clients can now find historical payment data in the following ways: TWIA Agent PortalWhen selecting a policy, click on Billing to find the Payment History located at the bottom of the billing page, including data related to received date, check or reference number, […]
Attention agents: From June 20-23, we will host training webinars about the renewal process in the New Agent Portal. Space is limited – register today to save your spot. Starting July 18, you will need to work all renewals in the New Agent Portal. Registration full? We have you covered! All the webinars will also […]
Attention agents: Starting July 18, 2022, you will need to work all renewals in the New Agent Portal. While most of the process will be the same as in the Old Agent Portal, there are some important differences. Below are the top five things to know and do. 1. You can edit renewal offers before […]
Attention agents: We hear that you need the flexibility to make online payments on behalf of your clients when signing them up for mortgagee escrow in the New Agent Portal. For new business, this change would help secure coverage more quickly than going through their mortgage company for the payment. New Payment Workflow Coming Soon […]
Attention agents: How do you use printed quotes? How do you want to use them? Or for them to look? Fill out this brief survey to let us know. Click Here to Share Print Quote Feedback Your feedback will help guide the way we design the print quote feature for the New Agent Portal. It […]
TWIA uses an industry-standard tool, commonly called MSB (short for Marshall Swift/Boeckh), to calculate replacement cost estimates in both the Old and New Agent Portals. Although the tool is the same, the estimating process is slightly different depending on which portal you are using. Notably, in the New Agent Portal, the estimator tool seamlessly pre-fills […]
Attention agents: You may already know that the New Agent Portal does not include the Old Agent Portal’s way of printing a quote. That is because the old way produced inconsistent results. Inconsistencies aside, agents are telling us that printing a quote is important to how you work and communicate with your clients. That is […]
Attention agents: Please do not manually change the “Estimate” number in the “Policy Number” field when working in the replacement cost estimator tool through the New Agent Portal. If this number is changed, the system will force you to start over and create a new submission. This only applies to the New Agent Portal. When […]
Attention agents: After working in the New Agent Portal for a week, you may have questions for us. To help answer them, you’re invited to attend a TWIA town hall. New Agent Portal Town Halls Online forums for you and your fellow agents to ask TWIA about working in the New Agent Portal. Register here: […]
Attention Agents: TWIA’s New Agent Portal is here! All new business must now be submitted through the New Agent Portal. Want an overview of how to work in the new portal? Check out this webinar recording. How to Log In Visit Choose New Agent Portal Use your existing username and password If you have […]
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